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We are delighted that you are exploring our site- Please take moment to learn about our services and you may call us with any questions you may have - looking forward speaking to you soon!

Pure Red Events is a full service boutique firm that delivers elegant one of a kind experience from celebrating the business success of your company with elegant setting to a soiree with friends, to a theme birthday bash for yourself or having a fun cocktail party with coworkers!
Dress to impress and show up at your event - done deal!!!
We are greatly skilled in what we do, plus our international work experience will take the wait off your shoulders and give you the confidence that so important to achieve your goal!
Red always stands as color of the winners! - Pure Red is our creation of Pure Heart for what we do, Pure Passion to deliver that Unique. Unforgettable. Yours.
We don't work by templates - all our events are "Brain stormed" and "Hand crafted" from the beginning to the end, so that EVERYONE will remember! ...But most importantly so will YOU!

Pure Red respects - Quality over Quantity! So you can get all the attention you need to bring your noble ideas into reality - the pleasure is all ours!

Pure Red appreciates - Healthy and Happy Life Style. We appreciate different cultures and traditions that bring most of the flavor to everyday life.

Pure Red loves - Extravagant ideas and challenge. We love mix of the traditional and modern style in decor, gourmet food and entertainment from around the world and we are absolutely loved what we do!

Pure Red believes - That every experience in life is a new learning sensation and we shall never stop learning!
Our goal is to create Unforgettable and Unique experience for You and the outmost important to create a friendship that last a lifetime!

There Are Number Of Ways You Can Contact Us:

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+1 770 609-9912